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The Power behind Oceanside Wealth

Most Forex-based programs take the form of HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs) but are really nothing more than scams and ponzi schemes. Very few are legitimate or even pay out honest, considerable rates.

That's exactly why we're proud to present the Oceanside Wealth Business (OSW): A unique, legitimate investment opportunity utilizing $6 million Forex software and an asset protection program. Now, even a Forex novice with available funds can sit back and watch his account grow larger by the month without the fear or risk of substantial losses.

Oceanside Wealth Forex Investments

All Oceanside Wealth members have the opportunity to invest in the specialized Forex program for a small fee of $60 per month.The program is backed by privately owned Forex software, previously tested for a 15 month period. During this testing period, every month returned a profit. The highest monthly return was 45%, and the lowest was 3%.

Monthly ROI

The average monthly return for Oceanside Wealth is projected to yield 10-20%. You principle is locked for 12 months. After this period of time, you may withdraw it or invest it for another 12 months. You will be permitted to withdraw all your earnings each month or deposit them back into the investment program.

For example: Let's say you deposit $2,000 into the Oceanside Wealth program. Assuming you only earn 10% for that month, your account will grow to $2,200. You then have the option of withdrawing that $200 profit. If you only earned 10% for each month for a 1 year period, you would earn $2,400 total.

Remember: Monthly rates will vary! If your $2,000 enjoyed an average of 20% per month, you would earn $400 a month, or $4,800 per year.

Compounding Effects with Oceanside Wealth Forex!

Assuming a 15% average monthly return on $2,000

Initial $2,000
Month 1 $2,240
Month 2 $2,516
Month 3 $2,833
Month 4 $3,198
Month 5 $3,618
Month 6 $4,101
Month 7 $4,656
Month 8 $5,294
Month 9 $6,028
Month 10 $6,873
Month 11 $7,843
Month 12 $8,960


As stated earlier, you have the option of compounding by re-investing your monthly earnings back into the program.

Say, for example, you initially invested $2,000 in the Oceanside Wealth Forex program, earned an average of 15% per month, and continued to compound your earnings.

At the end of 6 months, you would have $4,101
12 months - $8,960
18 months - $20,200
24 months - $46,200

Why bother compounding? Because your money grows much faster!

Note: These are only examples based on fixed percentages. Your results in Oceanside Wealth may be less or greater than the amounts listed in our examples.

Referral Program and Matrix Earnings

Oceanside Wealth is the first potential MLM program that includes valuable Forex software and an asset protection program, mixed with a powerful business opportunity. Building the OSW business is completely optional and is not required to earn from the Forex investment program. However, the business provides excellent benefits and bonuses for those willing to promote OSW.

How is Oceanside Wealth's MLM worth your while?

The failure rate for MLM ("Multi-Level-Marketing") is high. There's no secret about that! As a result, there is a rather negative connotation associated with MLM in this day and age. With this program, however, you'll look at the term "MLM" or "referral program" in a whole new light!

First of all, how many MLM programs do you know that sell a service that enables you to earn $100s if not $1000s per month? Most MLM services take money out of your pocket month after month; Oceanside Wealth's Forex MLM allows you to build your account!

Secondly, OSW has two phases to its referral program that work together to favor all participants:

Phase 1 & 2

OSW's overall matrix is a 2x10. Phase 1 includes the first three levels, consisting of 2, 4, and 8 people respectively.

You only need 6 people under you to break even in this program! That's right- 6. These people don't even necessarily have to be personally sponsored; both you and your uplines will be working hard to fill the matrix. And, although spillover isn't guaranteed, it is likely. Once you have six members below you in the matrix, you won't have to continue paying your $60 membership fee for Oceanside Wealth.

Level 1: ($5) X 2 members = $10
Level 2: ($15) x 4 members = $60
Level 3: ($5) x 8 members = $40
Phase One Total = $110

Once Phase 1 is complete, you move on to Phase 2, which allows you to earn on the remaining levels, 4 through 10. Completing the remaining levels will allow you to earn $19,438 per month!


As if nearly $20K a month wasn't enough incentive, Oceanside Wealth's MLM business opportunity include some rather impressive bonuses.

If you can complete level 9 in your matrix- i.e. all people in your level 9 have entered Phase 2 in the payplan, you will receive a brand new Cadillac Escalade.

Join Us & Our Team!

We currently represent a powerful team of professional, experienced internet marketers: Team Avalanche. In the near future, we plan to launch a major marketing campaign aimed to capture several thousands of leads per month.

As we draw in more and more people, the OSW Team Avalanche Marketing Directors will pass these leads on to our downlines to help everyone build an efficient, profitable business with the matrix benefits. This will allow all our members to enjoy both exciting aspects of Oceanside Wealth, as intended.

Those who join during the month of August will have prime spots in the matrix as this company reaches thousands across the internet and the Marketing Directors work to quickly fill these spots. You can join us today and take advantage of an early position.

Still skeptical? Have questions?

That's perfectly understandable. If this whole concept is confusing or somewhat unsettling to you, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd be happy to address your concerns and further help you secure a valuable position on our growing team.

See you on the forums!

Our OSW team has our own special forum community. Once you join, you'll be able to access our forums and benefit from the articles and advice shared on our boards.


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